Integrated Services for Survivors of Torture: Rebuilding Lives, Restoring Hope

Investigator: Sarah B. Metz, PsyD
Sponsor: HHS OHDS Administration for Children and Families

Location(s): United States


The Services for Survivors of Torture Program is committed to enabling persons who have suffered torture by foreign governments to regain their health and independence and rebuild productive lives in the U.S., not as victims, but as survivors. The Torture Victims Relief Act of 1998 (TVRA), provides funding for a comprehensive program of support for survivors of torture. The TVRA recognizes that a significant number of refugees, asylees, and asylum seekers entering the United States have suffered torture. These torture survivors, now living in the United States, should be provided with the rehabilitative services which would enable them to become productive members of our communities.

Grants to programs in the United States fund the following services: 

  • Rehabilitation of victims of torture, including treatment of the physical and psychological effects of torture.
  • Social and legal services for victims of torture.
  • Research and training for health care providers outside of treatment centers, or programs for the purpose of enabling such providers to provide services