Institute for Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy

Investigator: Eric Goosby, MD
Sponsor: Gilead Foundation

Location(s): Ethiopia


Under the leadership of former Ambassador Eric Goosby, Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy was established to address the significant and persistent challenges in developing and maintaining quality health systems to serve those most in need around the world. The purpose of GHDD is to partner with local governments to transform disparate health programs and fragmented delivery systems into more integrated, sustainable and responsive health systems for the future. In partnership with the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley, GHDD brings clinical, policy, managerial, and diplomatic expertise to bear through education, research and implementation. We serve as a focal point for UCSF faculty and students engaged in implementation aspects in their respective fields of inquiry. Initial engagements with the WHO, UNAIDS, the Global Fund and the Clinton Global Initiative, have given GHDD a platform to advocate for a focus on implementation and health system strengthening. Over the next year, GHDD will be particularly focused on an inaugural project in partnership with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health to develop and strengthen capacity in service delivery, human resources, information systems, health financing, supply chain and leadership and governance.