Improving Malaria Diagnosis and Treatment in Nigeria: Taking a Pilot Study to Scale

Investigator: Dominic Montagu, DrPH
Sponsor: ExxonMobil Foundation

Location(s): Nigeria


National Malaria Training Program in Uganda has been endorsed by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and incorporated into Uganda’s effort to scale up malaria training activities at the national level. Clinicians are trained in the prevention, care, and treatment of malaria, including the use of rapid diagnostic tests in place of standard-of-care presumptive treatment to reduce the unnecessary use of antimalarials. The program also provides training for pharmacists and the private sector, who supply the vast majority of antimalarials in Africa, and for community health workers on home-based management of fever.  

Operational research to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and safety of the program found that the training significantly reduced the proportion of patients prescribed an antimalarial unnecessarily, improving long-term health outcomes, and resulting in substantial cost savings.

This project plans to  adapt this National Malaria Training Program for use in Nigeria.