Implementation Science: Bringing the LARC training intervention to scale

Investigator: Cynthia Harper, PhD

Location(s): United States


Beyond the Pill is helping to transform access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC), IUDs and implants. Almost all clinicians provide oral contraceptives and condoms, but fewer offer IUDs or implants, which are the most effective methods of contraception. Our research, published in The Lancet medical journal, showed that an education and counseling intervention on IUDs and implants increased provider knowledge of LARC methods and successfully reduced unintended pregnancies by half among teens and young women.

Beyond the Pill developed a training curriculum that gave health care providers the skills to educate young women about the range of US FDA-approved contraceptive methods, including highly effective IUDs and implants. The training includes information for an entire clinic team (clinicians, health educators, front desk staff, clinic managers and billing experts) and helps providers integrate IUDs and implants into routine contraceptive care by improving method-specific knowledge and counseling and placement skills.