Impact analysis of a community-randomized controlled trial in Southern Province, Zambia

Investigator: Adam Bennett, PhD, MA
Sponsor: Tulane University

Location(s): Zambia


The focus of this project is to assess the impact of a mass drug administration (MDA) strategy using dihydroartemisinin + piperaquine (DHAp) to eliminate malaria in southern Province Zambia using a community randomized controlled trial (CRCT). Sub-studies imbedded within the larger overall impact evaluation include quantifying the population coverage of the MDA interventions; identification of systematic barriers to achieving high coverage; assessing and comparing the cost and cost-effectiveness of MDA with DHAp to no mass treatment; assessing the adherence of taking a full course of DHAp by the MDA interventions; assessing the clearance of asexual stage parasites at day 7 following the administration of DHAp; and assessing the acceptability of participating in the MDA interventions among community members and health care leaders.