Identifying the epidemiology and geospatial distribution of injuries presenting to Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Investigator: Winnie Chan, MS
Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): Tanzania


Almost a tenth of the world’s fatalities are caused by injuries. Most of those injuries occur on the roads, making road traffic injuries (RTIs) the ninth leading cause of death globally. Tanzania is a low-income country in east Africa that is experiencing a rising number of RTIs, with pedestrians making up half of the population being injured. Despite the large burden of pedestrian road traffic injuries, there is still a scarcity of information, especially in regards to the geographical location of the injuries in Dar es Salaam. Using geographical information systems (GIS) to locate potential injury hotspots in combination with epidemiologic data will better char

Mentors: Teri Reynolds MD, MS, PhD