ICOHRTA Visiting Scientists Program

Investigator: George Rutherford, MD
Sponsor: NIH John F. Fogarty International Center

Location(s): Brazil


In our proposed ICOHRTA Brazilian Scientists Program, we will focus on the design of AIDS intervention research studies by Brazilian visiting scientists at CAPS. We will also extend the scope and depth of in-country training through CEARGS in Brazil. Specifically, in Years 1-3, two Brazilian visiting scientists will design pilot intervention research projects during a summer intensive training program at CAPS, and we will subsequently fund their in-country pilot studies. In Years 4 and 5, these six individuals will return to CAPS to one of two writing sabbaticals to analyze their data and to prepare scientific manuscripts. At CEARGS, an established affiliate of CAPS, we will train eight Brazilian scientists per year in Years 1-3 in basic AIDS prevention and epidemiologic research methods and fund smaller scale pilot studies. In Years 4 & 5, we will assist in their data management and analysis and scientific writing. CAPS and CEARGS will work in a fully integrated fashion throughout the grant period. We have designed our aims and activities to complement our existing affiliation with the Fogarty International Training and Research Program at the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, as well as UCSF faculty international research and training projects that are underway or in development. Our overall goal is to create self-sufficient research scientists in Brazil who are capable of designing and implementing AIDS intervention research independently or in collaboration with U.S. investigators.