HIV Proteomics Center for Host Viral Response Characterization

Investigator: Richard Price, MD
Sponsor: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Location(s): United States


HIV Proteomic Center for Host-Viral Response Characterization Proteomics Core is focused on the implementation and application of cutting-edge proteomic technologies to support the human clinical biofluid and non-human primate proteomic lentiviral (SIV/HIV) study demands for sensitive and high dynamic range discovery analyses. The strategy involves utilizing continued advances in proteomic instrumentation, methodologies, and Informatics tools to perform ultrasensitive, high-throughput analysis of large numbers of both human clinical biofluid samples, plasma, and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), and non-human primate tissue and biofluid samples that will be correlated with microarray and other analyses for a complementary view of lentiviral (HIV/SIV) disease progress in the context of opioid use and treatment. These studies include both sensitive global proteomic characterization efforts as well as more focused data directed (multiple-reaction-monitoring, MRM) validation based studies. Specifically we aim to 1. Provide and further augment the Proteomics resources necessary for ultra-sensitive, high-throughput protein profiling studies in support of human clinical studies (Project 1 and 3) and nonhuman primate model studies (Project 2), 2. Leverage continued advances in instrumentation and methodologies to apply high-throughput data directed approaches for biosignature validation, and 3. Provide informatics and Bioinformatics resources and technologies for effective data processing, correlation, and dissemination.  

Efforts under this Core directly empower the aims of the overall Center which are to obtain a multi-level understanding of the complex interactions between SIV/HIV disease progression and ART treatment, both within the context of opioid use and treatment, to improve the quality of health of these individuals and treatments for these diseases.