HINT: HIV Immune Networks Team Modeling Core

Investigator: Nevan Krogan, PhD, MSc
Sponsor: Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York

Location(s): United States


The HIV Immune Networks Team (HINT) is a multidisciplinary group comprised of thirteen investigators located in seven different institutions across the United States. Our aim is to understand the early immune response to HIV-1 infection using a systems biology approach. To accomplish this goal, we have assembled a team of world experts in the areas of systems biology, virology, immunology, human genetics, and computational biology. We aim to develop rigorously-validated computational models that reflect, as well as predict, the early innate immune response to HIV-1 exposure. These models will provide valuable new insights into how our innate immune system responds to HIV-1 infection, and ultimately dictate course of infection and disease progression. A mathematical understanding of these dynamic molecular circuits will aid in the development of HIV-1 vaccines and antiviral therapeutics.