Health Maintenance Organization Research Network (HMORN) UCSF Center for Diabetes Translational Research

Investigator: Dean Schillinger, MD
Sponsor: Kaiser Permanente

Location(s): United States


The HMORN is a consortium of 18 Health Maintenance Organizations that have formal, recognized research capabilities. The HMORN vision is to be a research partner of choice for those seeking to shape health and health care delivery. The aims of the HMORN include: being recognized as the Nation’s premier resource for population-based health and health care research, contributing to national and global dialogues, promoting and establishing the Network as a preferred research partner of funding agencies, fostering Network-led collaborative studies, sharing methodologies, best practices, and consultative expertise. The NIH has recently recognized the HMORN as an important partner for collaborative research by forming a Collaboratory with the HMORN in which NIH will invest millions of dollars in infrastructure to further research related to large scale epidemiological studies

HMORN has created a Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) which is a standardized federated data system from the 18 partner delivery systems capable of supporting multi-center research development and implementation activities.

CHR has collaborated on three major NIH-funded HMORN research initiatives:  the Cancer Research Network (CRN) the Cardiovascular Research Network (CVRN), and more recently a Diabetes Research Network . Pivotal research findings of the CRN are shaping cancer care, particularly in the areas of breast cancer screening, treatment of older women with breast cancer, and behavior change strategies for prevention. The CVRN conducts studies on the recognition, treatment, and control of hypertension; control and persistence of warfarin and associated outcomes in atrial fibrillation and venous thromboembolic disease; and the use, outcomes and costs of implantable cardioverter defribrillators for primary prevention