HEAL Initiative Fellowship

Investigator: Viet T. Nguyen, MD, MPH
Sponsor: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Location(s): Nepal


HEAL brings fellows together to deliver three immersive training programs over the two year fellowship.


HEAL Core Competencies

  • Provision of high quality care focused on local burden of disease
  • Incorporation into and effective engagement with local health system
  • Demonstration of leadership and interprofessionalism
  • Development of strong and diverse teaching skills
  • Advocacy for communities, health systems, and patients
  • Adherence to health equity and ethics in clinical and academic work

Throughout the two-year fellowship, all HEAL fellows engage in an ongoing curriculum that reinforces and builds upon the skills gained during the Global Health Training through problem-based learning and facilitated discussion.  The ongoing curricula include case studies presented by fellows, discussion of academic journal articles relevant to global health delivery, as well as tailored curricula based on fellows’ individual learning goals.

HEAL matches all fellows with an interprofessional group of experienced advisors to provide guidance and support throughout the two years of the fellowship.  All fellows will work closely with assigned mentors to develop individual development plans (IDPs) mapped to the HEAL core competencies.  These plans will be revisited on a monthly basis and will evolve during the two years.