Global Brain Health Institute

Investigator: Victor Valcour, MD, PhD

Location(s): South Africa; Viet Nam; Turkey; Greece; Mexico; Argentina; Brazil; Cuba; Dominican Republic


GBHI works to reduce the scale and impact of dementia locally and globally by training and supporting a new generation of leaders to develop and translate research evidence and innovation into more informed and effective policy and practice. GBHI’s work emphasizes the health of vulnerable populations. We value and support innovative, cross-disciplinary research and promote activities to enhance international collaboration. We maintain an emphasis on developing and implementing scalable preventions and interventions. We intend to create an international footprint through a strong and vibrant network of partners, collaborators and supporters and, over time, will develop additional training sites in countries around the world to enhance and grow our efforts. GBHI intends to train 40 new international leaders annually through two programs, the Atlantic Fellows Program and the GBHI Scholars program.

Rolling admission for Scholars, annual application due in September for Fellows

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