Glide Nurse Managed Health Center Service and Nurse Practitioner Training Expansion

Investigator: Cathi Dennehy, RN, DNP, FNPC
Sponsor: U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration

Location(s): United States


The purpose of this Nurse Managed Health Center grant proposal is to expand and enhance comprehensive primary health care and wellness services to a medically underserved, high-risk, predominately homeless client population served by a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), School of Nursing faculty practice arrangement at Glide Health Services (GHS) in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District (NMHC purposes 1 and 2). This project will use Division of Nursing grant funding to support nursing leadership and clinical expertise to achieve the GHS mission to provide the highest quality healthcare to a client population that has significant health disparities and faces numerous barriers to care. This grant funding will enable GHS to expand an already established valuable student clinical nurse practitioner training experience designed to produce a diverse and culturally responsive health workforce. In addition, this project will support enhancement of the GHS Electronic Health Record (EHR) to expand health information exchange and the meaningful use of our clinical information system. Finally, the project will enable GHS to continue development of diverse sources of revenue for the long-term sustainability of the Center. Project Objectives

1) Objective 1-Improve access to high quality, comprehensive, culturally competent primary care and wellness services provided by GHS, a nurse managed health center, to a minimum of 438 medically underserved residents annually in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District through: population- and disease-specific strategies; effective use of clinical staffing and information technology resources; outreach and linkages to community resources, with a focus on client empowerment that utilizes a community advisory council. (BHPr Goal 2)

2) Objective 2-Provide and expand student clinical nursing experiences that emphasize leadership, cultural competence, interdisciplinary care, community partnerships, population-based chronic care and advocacy through the utilization of key concepts of Healthy People 2020 (HP2020) related to access and health disparities for 78 primary care nursing students, including 42 Nurse Practitioner students. (BHPr Goal 1)

3) Objective 3-Continue to expand the capabilities of health information exchange through the expansion of the GHS Electronic Health Record system to enhance clinical care, data management, patient safety and quality assurance, including selected performance measures and the implementation of an E-Prescribe component.

4) Objective 4-Ensure the long-term sustainability of GHS through the continued development of diverse public and private sources of revenue, including grants, contracts, reimbursement, in-kind support, charitable contributions and client sliding fee scale payments.