Flexible Resorbable Organic and Nanomaterial Therapeutic Systems (FRONTS)

Investigator: Shuvo Roy, PhD
Sponsor: University of California Berkeley

Location(s): United States


The investigators propose to design, develop and characterize novel flexible, resorbable nanomaterials and devices for wound healing applications. The work is divided into three tasks to support the engineering of a resorbable system for wounding healing: a) the development of flexible, resorbable materials themselves containing resorbable, high-quality conductors (for use as interconnects and electrodes); b) the development of resorbable, biocompatible batteries; c) the use of implanted flexible -- ultimately resorbable? devices to map and control the electric field wound gradient in internal wounds. Additionally, the work leverages efforts at UCSF on internal wound healing in the context of anastomoses and the extensive experience of the Pediatric Device Consortium (www.pediatricdeviceconsortium.org/).