Expanding the Impacts of UCSF HEARTS

Sponsor: Metta Fund

Location(s): United States


In collaboration with SFUSD, UCSF HEARTS focuses on three main areas:

  • First Area: school-based intervention and prevention work with children and adolescents directly and indirectly affected by trauma
    » Tertiary interventions, e.g., trauma-informed therapeutic interventions for youth who are having post-trauma difficulties
    » Secondary interventions, e.g., skill-building groups for at-risk youth
    » Primary prevention, e.g., classroom presentations on coping with trauma and violence
  • Second Area: training, consultation and support for adult members of the caregiving system (school personnel and parents/guardians)
    » Interventions such as psychoeducational and skill-building workshops for parents/caregivers
    » Training and consultation in complex trauma and trauma-sensitive practices for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and school mental health staff
    » Aimed at building capacity in SFUSD personnel around more effectively working with traumatized students
    » Support for school staff around stress, burnout, and vicarious traumatization
  • Third Area: working with SFUSD at the school-level and the district-level to help improve school- and district-wide policies and procedures » Trauma-informed consultation around positive behavioral support systems, discipline policies, and alternatives to suspension from school for students with behavioral challenges