EraMune Project

Investigator: Steven Deeks, MD
Sponsor: Northwestern University

Location(s): United States


EraMune 02 is a clinical trial exploring a new approach to try to completely remove HIV from an infected individual by attacking latent (hidden) virus in viral reservoirs through intensification of antiretroviral (anti-HIV) treatment with the addition of an investigational vaccine that can activate cells infected with HIV to create an immune, or disease fighting, response to the virus’ DNA.

EraMune 02 is a nation-wide trial that has three sites/teams: Chicago (Northwestern University), San Francisco (University of California), and New York (Cornell University). Overall, 28 HIV-positive patients will have their antiretroviral treatment intensified and will be randomly assigned to either a control or an experimental group. The experimental group will receive an additional vaccine treatment, in the hopes that this new combination will completely eradicate HIV from the infected individual’s body.