Effectiveness and implementation considerations of respectful maternity care interventions in African countries: A systematic review.

Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): Ethiopia; Kenya; Madagascar; Rwanda; Uganda; Tanzania; Sudan; South Africa


Background: Disrespectful and abusive (D&A) care in childbirth is recognized as a violation of human rights that is prevalent worldwide. Though many interventions have been developed to promote respectful maternity care (RMC), due to the complex and challenging nature of RMC, a review on interventions in Africa has not yet been undertaken to assess the progress being done. This review synthesized information on RMC interventions that demonstrate the potential to scale up and provides recommendations for policy implementation that promotes RMC in Africa.

Research Question: In Africa, what are the effects of evidence-based interventions promoting RMC, and what are the characteristics of promising practices and interventions that demonstrate the potential for scale-up?

Mentors: Carolyn Smith-Hughes, MS, Emily Peca, DrPH, MA, Anke Hemmerling, MD, PhD, MPH