East African Social Science Translation (EASST) Collaborative

Investigator: Justin White, PhD
Sponsor: University of California Berkeley

Location(s): Ethiopia; Kenya; Rwanda; Uganda; Tanzania


The East Africa Social Science Translation (EASST) Collaborative is a multi-institution research network with a mission to promote scientific evaluation of social and economic development programs in East Africa. EASST seeks, in the short-term, to build regional leadership in the generation of rigorous, policy-relevant social science research. In the long-term, the network seeks to increase the use of high quality evidence in the design of social policies, programs, and institutions throughout the East Africa region, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. 

The Collaborative is administered by the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA), a center of excellence in development research based at the University of California (UC), in coordination with the School of Social Science at Makerere University. The Center for Effective Global Action designs and tests solutions for the problems of poverty, generating actionable evidence for policy-makers in less developed countries. Using rigorous field trials, behavioral experiments, and tools from data science, CEGA measures and maximizes the impacts of economic development programs throughout the world.