Do financial literacy training and microloans reduce HIV risk behaviors among female entertainment and sex workers in Cambodia? A mixed methods study

Investigator: Ariana Austin, MS
Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): Cambodia


Female entertainment and sex workers (FESW) are at high risk for HIV in Cambodia. In the early 2000’s the 100% Condom Programme helped reduce HIV prevalence in sex workers, but a 2008 law cracking down on prostitution drove sex workers underground and has made Cambodian FESW more susceptible to HIV. Microfinance interventions have been shown to reduce HIV risk behaviors for sex workers in comparable settings. The microenterprise (ME) phase of the Cambodia Integrated HIV and Drug Prevention Implementation (CIPI) study aims to reduce HIV risk behaviors in FESW through microfinance interventions. CIPI study participants attend a three-day financial literacy training and upon completion can apply for a microloan to start a small business.

Mentor: Ellen Stein, MPH