The Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries Project

Sponsor: NIH John F. Fogarty International Center

Location(s): Egypt; Nigeria


The Disease Control Priorities Project (DCPP) is an ongoing project that aims to determine priorities for disease control across the world, particularly in low-income countries.[1] The project is most well known for the Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries Report (2nd Edition) (often abbreviated as DCP2), a 1400-page report published by more than 350 specialists around the world with the goal of providing policy recommendations to reduce global disease burdens.[2] The report is in English, but translations for some of the chapters to Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish are available. The report has been released under a Creative Commons attribution license (CC-BY). and a copy of the DCP2 report can be downloaded from the World Bank's Open Knowledge Repository.

This project worked to  assess the cost-effectiveness of a non-pneumatic anti-shock garment (NASG) for obstetric hemorrhage in tertiary hospitals in Egypt and Nigeria.