Development and validation of an open source advanced trauma training curriculum for resource-constrained settings

Photo of Kampla Emergency Responders Kit
Investigator: Michael Lipnick, MD
Sponsor: Global Partners in Anesthesia and Surgery (GPAS)

Location(s): Uganda


Trauma affects a substantial proportion of patients presenting to Mulago Hospital, and up until 2007, formal training for healthcare care providers in advanced trauma care was critically lacking in Uganda.

In 2007, GPAS collaborators designed an advanced trauma training curriculum tailored to resource-constrained settings, like Uganda. The original course was taught by UCSF and Makerere Faculty and since has been taught annually by GPAS Senior Scholars and Mulago Faculty for all anesthesia and surgery Masters of Medicine trainees. The course has been offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generous support of the Laura Case Trust.

The 2015 training course has held in February.