Curriculum development for QUERI Implementation Strategy Training Hub Projects

Investigator: Margaret Handley, PhD, MPH
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Location(s): United States


An increasing volume of literature supports implementation facilitation as an evidence-based strategy for implementing evidence-based practices (EBPs) and other clinical innovations. Systematic reviews have found that primary care practices were almost three times more likely to adopt evidence-based guidelines through the use of facilitation, and multiple studies both inside and outside VA show IF to be an effective strategy for implementing new clinical programs/practices.

Specific objectives for Behavioral Health (BH) QUERI include:

  • Providing implementation facilitation training to VA and non-VA trainees to improve knowledge of and confidence in using IF to implement evidence-based practices and other clinical innovations;
  • Conducting independent evaluation to assess the impact on trainee’s IF knowledge and skills and identifying training strategies and resources that work well, as well as areas for improvement;
  • Developing, piloting, and evaluating virtual IF training components (i.e., new tools and resources); and
  • Revising and updating the IF Training Program to integrate new knowledge.

As evidence for the positive impact of IF strategies in supporting the implementation of evidence-based practices becomes increasingly robust, the Behavioral Health QUERI Implementation Facilitation Training Hub will continue to prepare VA personnel to apply IF strategies in support of high-priority clinical initiatives (e.g., REACH-Vet for suicide prevention, medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorders) and other VA quality improvement and research efforts.