Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (UAB Subcontract)

Investigator: Paul Volberding, MD
Sponsor: University of Alabama System

Location(s): United States


The International AIDS Society, in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR) announce a second round of this award program to support innovative research projects to introduce scientists from other disciplines to the field of HIV research.

The purpose of the Creative and Novel Ideas in Research Awards Program (CNIHR) is to create a mechanism via the established Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) to fund developmental projects to bring insight and new ideas from early stage investigators, some of whom will have expertise in other disciplines, to the HIV/AIDS field of study. The intent of this program is to attract both international and domestic young, early stage investigators from outside the field of HIV/AIDS research to help address new questions related to emerging issues of long-term survival with HIV infection, and the prevention of HIV transmission.