Comprehensive Program to Reduce Tobacco-Related Health Disparities in CHCs

Investigator: Michael Potter, MD
Sponsor: University of California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP)

Location(s): United States


The goal of the study is to develop and test Connection to Health for Smokers (CTHS), a comprehensive program to support smokers to quit and improve smokers' general health. The program will be designed for implementation by health educators in community health centers.

The investigators will use a participatory approach to develop and test the feasibility and acceptability of CTHS in community health center sites in Contra Costa County. Development of the program will be informed by active engagement with a patient advisory group composed of current smokers and clinical team members who serve current smokers in community health centers. Feasibility and acceptability will be assessed by implementing the CTHS program for patients in 3 clinical sites, using the RE-AIM evaluation framework. Primary outcomes will include the number and proportion of enrolled smokers who create at least one health-related action plan with a health educator, and stated intention of clinical teams to continue using CTHS after the research. The investigators will enroll 90 smokers in CTHS and 90 additional smokers in Enhanced Standard of Care (ESC) which will be the active comparison group. Participants will be randomly assigned. Smoking status will be reassessed after 3 months. Primary outcomes will include number of 24-hour quit attempts, and 7-day smoking abstinence, as well as changes in self-efficacy and readiness to quit smoking among participants who do not quit. Results of this pilot program will inform further development of the CTHS program for testing in larger scale clinical trials.