Combining 3HP with active case finding to maximize the impact of mass TB screening campaign in the Marshall Islands

Investigator: Christina Yoon, MD, MPH
Sponsor: United Nations Office for Project Svcs

Location(s): Marshall Islands


Collaboration wit the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Department of Health on an island-wide TB screening and treatment project. The goal is to identify, evaluate and treat both active and latent TB infection (LTBI) cases among adults and children living on Majuro Island. Over 24-weeks, with follow-up and treatment teams.

The plan is to screen more than 26,000 people to diagnose and treat TB in the Majuro community.  In addition to finding and treating active TB, we wil test (TST) and treat (3HP) all residents with LTBI. For children under age 2 years, we will use  preventive therapy. We will also screen for Hansen’s Disease (HD) and diabetes screening for adults found to have active TB, LTBI, or HD.