Combination HIV Prevention for the General Population of Adults and Youth, including Persons Living with HIV in Mozambique

Investigator: Carol Dawson-Rose, RN, PhD, FAAN
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University

Location(s): Mozambique


The overall goal of the program is to reduce the acquisition and transmission of HIV within the general population of adults and youth, including PLH. The expected Intermediate Results are:

(1) Adoption of safer sexual behaviors and uptake of HIV prevention services increased among the Mozambican general population primarily in the three highest prevalence provinces of Maputo City, Maputo, and Gaza

(2) Technical leadership provided to improve strategic combination HIV prevention approaches and coordination at the national, provincial, and district levels

(3) Capacity of Mozambican public institutions, civil society organizations, and the private sector strengthened to implement and advocate for combination HIV prevention programs, as fully described in the Request for Applications (RFA).

The purpose of the Cooperative Agreement is to strengthen the prevention of HIV by implementing an approach that combines evidence-based behavioral, structural, and biomedical interventions in a mutually reinforcing fashion to target the specific drivers and population sub-groups, which account for the majority of new infections in Mozambique. The Recipient will be responsible for ensuring achievement of the program objectives.