Characterizing the Perceptions and Experiences of Post-Abortion Care (PAC) among Young Kenyan Women in Nairobi: A Qualitative Study

Investigator: Deeqa Mohamed, MS

Location(s): Kenya


Unsafe abortion is one of the most neglected sexual and reproductive health problems in the world. Each year, there are between 20 and 44 million unsafe abortions worldwide, resulting in nearly 70,000 premature deaths. Survival from unsafe abortion is most closely associated with prompt post-abortion care (PAC) seeking. While prior research has established young women in low-income countries as a highly vulnerable population for delayed PAC seeking, further research is needed to describe the barriers to prompt PAC seeking in Kenya. This qualitative study aims to characterize young Kenyan women’s perceptions and experiences of PAC, the community norms around PAC seeking, and the social support systems available to women seeking PAC services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mentor: Nadia Diamond-Smith, PhD, MSc