Chair of the WHO Essential Medicines Committee

Investigator: Lisa Bero, PhD

Location(s): United States


Professor Bero has been first an advisor, then a member of the WHO Essential Medicines Committee since 2005, and is currently Chair.  Bero has been a member of the Pan American Health Organization's (PAHO, WHO Regional Office for the Americas) Advisory Committee for Health Research (ACHR) since 2008.

In 2011, she became the foundation Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Research and Science Policy.  The Centre's areas of work are pharmaceuticals (including essential medicines), health systems research and development, and research policy.

In 2011, the Cochrane Collaboration became a non-governmental organization in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), including a seat on the World Health Assembly. Bero is one of the Collaboration's two representatives for WHO.