CG 16-10284 Endgame Strategic Planning

Investigator: Ruth Malone, RN, PhD, FAAN
Sponsor: California Department of Public Health

Location(s): United States


The major goal of this project is to conduct formative research around tobacco “endgame” strategies to inform local strategic planning and activities of the California Tobacco Control Program projects. Using focus groups and interviews with key informants, including local tobacco control program subject matter experts in various regions, state and national tobacco control advocacy groups, and policymakers and staff at the state level, this project will explore the perceived viability of various “endgame” strategies, prioritization and sequencing, thoughts about messaging, how “endgame” strategies might complement or conflict with existing tobacco control priorities and dynamics, and what locales are perceived as candidates for enacting innovative “endgame” policies. Findings of the study will be disseminated at a statewide conference, through a webinar, and through a summary report.