CFAR International Scientist Training Awards / International AIDS Training Program

Investigator: Paul Volberding, MD
Sponsor: University of California Berkeley

Location(s): Zimbabwe; Ivory Coast; India; Cambodia; Viet Nam; Thailand; Brazil; Peru


The UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco AITRP provides multi-disciplinary research training to physicians, dentists, pharmacists, scientists, and support personnel relevant to epidemiologic and behavioral studies related to AIDS, HIV transmission, and treatment in HIV-infected persons. Focus countries include Brazil, Peru, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Ivory Coast. Highest priority is given to providing multi-disciplinary training to individuals who are or will be involved in collaborative research projects designed to prevent transmission of HIV, to examine how best to use anti-retroviral drug regimens to treat HIV-infected persons and monitor outcomes in resource constrained settings; and projects aimed at improving the prevention and the treatment of tuberculosis and other opportunistic conditions in HIV-infected individuals. Training is available in a variety of areas, including: all aspects of epidemiologic and behavioral research relevant to AIDS, HIV transmission, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis; all aspects of virology, immunology, serology, and other diagnostic methods related to AIDS/HIV; all aspects of clinical microbiology related to sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and other opportunistic infections; and the ethical issues involved in human research in general, and AIDS-related research in other countries in particular. Training in the U.S. focuses on masters and doctoral degree programs that provide multi-disciplinary training in epidemiology, biostatistics, and behavioral sciences; long term laboratory training; and medium term training in clinical trials/intervention research. Training in the participating countries focuses on having trainees work under the close supervision of our former trainees, other collaborating scientists, and U.S. faculty resident in country for varying periods of time.