Capacity Building for minimally invasive surgery in Thailand

Investigator: Stanley Rogers, MD

Location(s): Thailand


I manage collaborations with multiple medical schools in Thailand to advance their abilities in minimally invasive surgery, and have a longstanding practice of hosting a Thai surgeon as one of my clinical fellows at UCSF. I also host a Thai surgeon as a research fellow studying clinical research and surgical device innovation. 

These visiting scholars come for "observerships" in the Department of Surgery, from Thailand, China, and the Middle East. The scholars follow me and my MIS team for 3 months to get a better understanding of the UCSF model of care.  I am curently developing a "proctorship" in Bangkok,  - wherin I observe and assist my previously trained fellows in complex minimally invasive procedures in their own hospitals. 

Over several years work in this field, I have been honored with a letter of commendation from the King's surgeon regarding his gratitude for establishing the program, and I was bestowed a professorship by the King of Thailand (His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX Distinguished Professor of Global Surgery).