Calico Master Collaboration Agreement

Investigator: Regis Kelly, MD

Location(s): United States


In 2015, QB3 partnered with Calico to make discoveries that will translate into a better understanding of the biology of aging and potential therapies for age-related diseases. Our partnership includes a broad sponsored research agreement and a grant mechanism to support innovation in longevity research led by QB3. 

Last year we processed applications for the first round of Longevity Fellowships. These Fellowships provide funding for a longevity-focused project in the form of a grant of $120K per year for two years. Each postdoc funded by the project becomes a Longevity Fellow, and joins QB3 workshops and symposia focused on aging research. These are joint events with Calico, and they provide opportunities to develop relationships with other program participants and with Calico scientists.

There are three areas of interest for the Longevity Fellowships:

  1. Developing a molecular/quantitative measure of aging, and in particular a measure of the rate of cognitive decline
  2. New therapeutic strategies for aging or age-related diseases
  3. Strategies to measure drug efficacy for neurodegenerative disease