The Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium

Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University

Location(s): United States


The Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium (TBCRC) is a collaborative group founded in 2005 to conduct innovative and high-impact clinical trials for breast cancer. The TBCRC is composed of seventeen  clinical sites, five core subcommittees/ working groups (WGs) comprised of a Correlative Science WG and four other groups organized around various breast cancer phenotypes (including the Triple Negative WG, the HER2 Resistance WG, the Endocrine Resistance WG, and the Locoregional Disease WG), a patient advocate WG, a study coordinator WG, and a Central Office.  Collectively, these groups work together to foster trial development in a collegial environment that enhances cross-institutional collaborations.

The goal of the TBCRC is to conduct innovative, high impact, biologically-driven translational and clinical research.  Our mission is to lessen the burden of breast cancer by using a multidisciplinary approach to discover novel mechanisms of breast cancer pathogenesis and test innovative, basic science-based therapeutic strategies.  TBCRC members work together closely to speed the completion of clinical trials, share biologic specimens and clinical data, and conduct tissue-based investigation with cutting-edge molecular approaches aimed at discovering mechanisms of breast cancer pathogenesis that can be applied to clinical investigation and, eventually, clinical practice.