Biotest Analysis for HCMV Infection in Placentas

Investigator: Lenore Pereira, PhD
Sponsor: Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Location(s): United States


Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is the major viral cause of congenital infection and birth defects. Primary maternal infection often results in virus transmission, and symptomatic babies can have permanent neurological deficiencies and deafness. Congenital infection can also lead to intrauterine growth restriction, a defect in placental transport. Currently, there are no approved therapeutics for congenital HCMV infection in cases of primary maternal infection due to concerns over the toxicity and teratogenicity of available antiviral drugs. A recently developed therapeutic approach is the administration of hyperimmune globulin (HIG), a pooled immunoglobulin preparation from donors with high-avidity anti-HCMV antibodies.