AIM: Assessing the Adaptation Implementation of Mpowerment

Sponsor: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Location(s): United States


The Mpowerment intervention was developed by CAPS to be delivered as a community-level intervention. Thus, in this sole-source contract, a community-level intervention intended to prevent HIV transmission among YMSM in the target minority populations. This will target effectively the programmatic objectives of PA06-618. The Mpowerment intervention materials are proprietary data (Copyright(c)2002 Center for AIDS Prevention Studies). These proprietary materials will be further refined and provided by UCSF CAPS to be used by CBOs funded to implement the Mpowerment intervention in minority populations of YMSM. Therefore CDC believes that UCSF CAPS is the only resource that has this unique program. The anticipated performance period is for 15 months. It is believed that UCSF CAPS possesses the capability and is uniquely qualified to perform this requirement as stated above.