Academic Consortium Combating Ebola in Liberia

Investigator: Kayla Enriquez, MD, MPH

Location(s): Liberia


Infection Prevention and Control Co-Director for the Academic Consortium Combating Ebola in Liberia (ACCEL), working on healthcare systems rebuilding and development post Ebola Epidemic.

ACCEL is partnering with the Liberian Post Graduate Medical Council (LPGMC) with the following aims:

AIM 1. To provide direct, immediate relief on the ground through provision of emergency medicine physicians, infectious disease specialists and disaster management teams to engage with NGOs and provide expanded workforce capacity for care at EV treatment facilities.

AIM 2. To provide training, mentoring and support along with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination and laboratory supplies, to enable the reopening of district and community hospitals, necessary to meet the basic health care needs of the population and to identify those potentially infected with Ebola Virus.

AIM 3. To support hospital laboratory function, blood banking and transfusion services in the country.