6th International Workshop on Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Sponsor: California Breast Cancer Research Program

Location(s): United States


A high amount of dense breast tissue has been shown to be one of the strongest risk factors for breast cancer, although the specific reason(s) for this is not known. Recent legislation in several states including California require reporting of breast density to women with dense breasts undergoing mammography. Ideally, prior to enacting legislation, there would be guidelines on how best to measure breast density, what risk model to use that includes breast density to report breast cancer risk, as well as a standardized form to communicate this information. Research is ongoing to understand how different technologies that measure breast density relate to both breast cancer detection and breast cancer risk.

Each workshop has had different objectives around the core workshop theme of breast density and cancer risk. This year, our objectives are:

Understand state laws requiring reporting of breast density and provide expert feedback to policymakers regarding implementing reporting breast density to women.

Inform participants on the advances in quantifying breast density and non-density image features and how it relates to breast cancer risk.

Examine the biology and genetics of breast density, how it relates to breast cancer risk, and how this knowledge may lead to better measurement of breast density.

Explore women’s knowledge of breast density and communication of breast density and breast cancer risk in clinical practice.

The workshop will be held on June 6-7, 2013 in San Francisco, CA at the Kabuki Conference Center. There will be two days of presentations consisting of approximately 15 internationally-recognized invited speakers, and 4 presentations selected from submitted abstracts. In addition, there will be a poster session both days to highlight research from attendees. All registered participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for either poster or oral presentation. All parts of this workshop are devoted to the breast cancer objectives.