2014 Global Conference on Social Franchising for Health

Investigator: Dominic Montagu, DrPH
Sponsor: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Location(s): Philippines


2014 Global Conference on Social Franchising for Health
Oct 22 – 24, 2014, Cebu, Philippines

Social franchising programs around the world are growing, adapting new ideas, and gathering evidence on how to better meet public health and business goals. The Global Social Franchising Conference is the one annual forum to exchange knowledge across all of these programs.

The four themes that will drive the Conference are:

  • longer-term health financing
  • performance measurement
  • strengthening links with the public health system
  • applying technology to better meet business or clinical goals

This event is planned for managers and personnel of Social Franchise programs, with plenaries, trainings, abstract-driven sessions, competitive presentation sessions, and many opportunities to network. A limited number of technical experts, researchers, academics, and donors will also be invited to participate.

Registration is by invitation only. 170 participants from 40 countries are expected. A registration fee of USD 300 includes access to the 2 day conference, buffet lunches during the event, a cocktail event on 22 October, and dinner events on the 23rd and 24th of October. All room rental, transportation and other related costs will be borne by the guest.

Abstracts will be solicited, and presenters will be identified through a competitive process.