Vincanne Adams, PhD

Vincanne Adams, PhD
Global Health Sciences Faculty Affiliate

Project Sponsor Location(s) Topics Start End
A Self Sustaining Perinatal Care System for Tibet [1] University of Utah China
Mentorship for -Managing Diagnostic Uncertainty: An Examination of the Interplay of Technology, Medical Knowledge, and Law in Diagnostic Practice. The Case of Epilepsy National Science Foundation (NSF) United States Dementia and Cognitive Impairment, Systematic Reviews and Guideline Development
Mentorship for Dissertation: Resistant to Treatment: Medicine, Molecules, and the Global Politics of Drug-Resistant HIV National Science Foundation (NSF) Uganda HIV/AIDS
Blood Donation and HIV Prevention in China NIH National Institute of Mental Health China HIV/AIDS
Science and Morality in Tibet: Translating "Research" Across Cultures National Science Foundation (NSF) China
Program in Global Health Diplomacy UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation United States Training and Capacity Building
Mentorship for-China's Heroin Treatment Complex: Addiction and a New Era of Government-Citizen Relations National Science Foundation (NSF) China Substance Abuse
Age, Disruption, and Life Reorganization after Hurricane Katrina NIH National Institute on Aging United States Trauma and PTSD, Immigration and Migration
Social and cultural contexts for global health Nepal Women's Health, Labor and Delivery, Access or Barriers to Care, Implementation and Behavioral Science