Alicia Fernandez, MD

Alicia Fernandez
Global Health Sciences Faculty Affiliate

Project Sponsor Location(s) Topics Start End
Racial, Ethnic, and Language Disparities in Access and Utilization in California's Largest HMOs UC California Policy Research Center United States Stigma and Discrimination
Improving the Care of Frequently Hospitalized Urban Poor NIH National Center for Research Resources United States Health Systems Strengthening, Risk Reduction and Prevention, Training and Capacity Building
Immigration, Culture and Health Care Russell Sage Foundation United States Immigration and Migration
Development of a Patient Experience Assessment Tool for Vulnerable Patients Commonwealth Fund United States Implementation and Behavioral Science
The Impact of Language Concordance on the Health Care of Patients with Limited English Proficiency UC California Program on Access to Care United States Access or Barriers to Care
Teaching Students and Residents about Health Care Disparities during the Clinical Years Arnold P. Gold Foundation, The United States Access or Barriers to Care, Training International Scholars and Clinicians
Effective Care of Latinos with Diabetes and Limited English Proficiency NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases United States Diabetes
Promoting Research Opportunities Fully--Prospective Academics Transforming Health NIH National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities United States Training and Capacity Building, UCSF Professional Education
Mentoring in the Context of Improving Care for Latinos with Diabetes NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases United States Diabetes
Enhancing Mexican Capacity for CVD Policy Research Mexico Cardiovascular Disease
Creating an Evidence Base to Limit Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Argentina Argentina Diabetes, Diet, Exercise, and Obesity, Policy and Standards of Care, Systematic Reviews and Guideline Development, Implementation and Behavioral Science
UCSF Hispanic Center of Excellence U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration United States Residencies, Fellowships, and Postdoctoral Training, UCSF Professional Education