UC Pacific Rim Research Program


The Pacific Rim Research Program is a multi-campus program established to encourage Pacific Rim research on the ten campuses of the University of California. It sponsors a competitive grants program that provides funds for University of California faculty and graduate students who do research on Pacific Rim topics in a variety of disciplines. Its priorities are:

  1. comparative investigation across national, cultural, linguistic and/or regional boundaries; 
  2. focus on interactions, flows, or major issues affecting the Pacific Rim region and specific to it;
  3. collaboration of scholars in different countries and, where appropriate, different disciplines.

Multi-disliplinary, multi-region research is encouraged. Proposals will be evaluated for scholarly merit, originality, purpose, relationship to existing research, theoretical framework, methodology, participants’ qualifications and roles, adequacy of available resources, budget justification, anticipated products, schedule, and dissemination plan.