NIH National Institute of Environmental Health Science

22 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Prenatal household air pollution exposure: gas stove and behavioral interventions Thompson
Effects of Air Pollution on Childhood Tuberculosis in Viet Nam Blount
Traffic-related air pollution, social factors and adverse birth outcomes Padula
Environmental, Social and Biological Factors and Disparities in Preterm Birth Padula
The UCSF Pregnancy Exposures to Environmental Chemicals (PEEC) Children's Center Woodruff
The UCSF Center on Pregnancy Exposures to Environmental Chemicals (PEEC) Woodruff
Gene-Environment Analyses of Early Life Exposures and Asthma in Ethnically Diverse Children Burchard
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program Coordinating Center Hiatt
Acute Cardiopulmonary Effects of Controlled Exposure to Wood Smoke Schick
Summit on Shaping Our Planetary Legacy Woodruff
A Novel Model for Assessing the Effects of BPA Exposures on Human Placentation Fisher
Understanding Human Maternal and Fetal Exposures to PBDEs and Their Metabolites During Important Developmental Periods Woodruff
Environmental effects of the mammary gland across the lifespan Werb
Effects of Traffic Pollution on Lung Immunity and Pneumonia in Persons with HIV Blount
Measuring Design, Reporting and Funding Bias in Nonclinical Research Bero
Gene-Environments and Admixture in Latino Asthmatics (GALA 2) Burchard
Pregnancy Exposure to Environmental Contaminants: Research and Prevention Woodruff
Assessing maternal and fetal exposure to chemicals during the second trimester Woodruff
Assessing Maternal and Fetal Exposure to Chemicals during the Second Trimester Woodruff
Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center Hiatt
Estimating the Environmental Burden in Two Orphan Lung Diseases Blanc
Bay Area Breast Cancer and Environment Research Center Hiatt