NIH National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research

22 Archived Projects

Title Investigator Start End
Oral Disease among Renal Transplant Recipients Shiboski
Oral Manifestations of AIDS Greenspan
Oral Health Outcomes in Pediatric Transplant Recipients Shiboski
Western Oral Research Consortium: Career Development Greenspan
EBV BMRF-2 Protein in Infection of Oral Epithelial Cells Tugizov
International Research Registry Network for Sjogren's Syndrome Shiboski
Maternal Nutrition Education and Early Childhood Caries: A Randomized Field Study Chaffee
HIV Transcellular and Transsynaptic Penetration of Mucosal Epithelium Tugizov
International Research Registry Network for Sjögren Syndrome Shiboski
The Role of Continuous Phenotypic Variation in Structural Defects of the Face
Parental Preventive Behaviors and Oral Health in Latino Children Hoeft
Epigenetic and genetic contributors to chronic neuropathic pain
Coordinating Center to Help Eliminate/Reduce Oral Health Inequalities in Children Gansky
Influence of Financial Incentives on Oral Disease Management in Young Children Gansky
Centering Pregnancy Oral Health Promotion (CPOP) Clinical Trial Planning Grant Adams
Developmental Mechanisms Underlying Genotype-Phenotype Correlations
Functional Glycomics of Human Saliva Fisher
Addressing Oral Health Literacy among Mexican Immigrants Burke
Molecular Mechanisms of Oral HIV Transmission Modeling MTCT Tugizov
Molecular basis of tissue interactions that regulate craniofacial development
Molecular mechanisms of oral HIV transmission modeling MTCT Tugizov
Evaluating Standardized Preventive Care to Reduce Dental Disparities in Children Mertz