Vietnam Reproductive Health Education Project [1]

Investigator: Uta E. Landy, MD
Sponsor: Pathfinder International

Location(s): Viet Nam


Despite significant socioeconomic development in Viet Nam in recent years, there remains a great need for sexual and reproductive health services by many people, particularly in those living in more isolated areas. Ethnic minority populations, many of whom live in mountainous areas, often face poorer quality and less accessible health care than the general population, resulting in much higher maternal and newborn mortality rates than the national average.

Viet Nam's high abortion rate, estimated to be among the highest in the world, demonstrates continuing unmet need for comprehensive family planning and reproductive health care. In addition, Viet Nam's HIV prevalence rate, while low and concentrated, continues to rise due to a lack of skilled providers and appropriately-equipped health facilities, as well as the problem of stigma against people with HIV and AIDS. In 1994, Pathfinder International became one of the first American NGOs to work in Viet Nam following the normalization of US-Viet Nam relations. Today, Pathfinder works with the government, private sector, and civil society to strengthen Viet Nam's health care system, improve the knowledge and skills of providers, and empower people and communities through improved sexual and reproductive health. Pathfinder is committed to building capacity and delivering innovative solutions, as evidenced by our work with the Ministry of Health to transmit health education messages through mobile phones-a first for Viet Nam.