Validation of the ANI-SI Dry EEG Headset in Time-Critical Applications

Investigator: Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University

Location(s): United States


Wendy Catharina Ziai of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and her team with participating institution University of California, San Francisco, will test Advanced Neurometrics' ANI-SI EEG system in ER and intensive care units to evaluate how the device performs in the measurement and characterization of seizures and other causes of altered mental states compared to standard EEG. The ANI-SI EEG system is a dry electrode headset that records EEG without requiring extensive and time-consuming patient skin preparation, head measurements or gels. Timely identification of the presence or absence of ongoing electrographic seizures is critical for appropriate clinical care; delays in diagnosis may result in a worse neurologic outcome. Most emergency rooms and hospitals lack the capability for emergency EEG, which may be the only way to confirm if a patient is experiencing a seizure or if decreased alertness is due to another condition. The ANI -SI EEG system has thus far proven to record EEG signals with high fidelity and has demonstrated significant promise in reducing time to interpretable EEG data compared to wet electrode conventional EEG.