Using Community Health Workers for Pre Term Birth Prevention

Investigator: Melanie Thomas, MD, MS

Location(s): United States


Examining the effects of embedding a Community Health Worker (CHW) program in prenatal care clinics at Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG). CHWs trained by the San Francisco Homeless Prenatal Program, all of whom experienced significant social risk while pregnant themselves, will ask ZSFG pregnant patients about social and mental health needs they may have. The CHWs will then help these patients connect with hospital and community resources.

Previous studies have shown that having a lot of stress can be connected with PTB. The goal of our project is to give pregnant women supports that can reduce stress, decrease social challenges, and ultimately reduce the chance that babies come too early. We anticipate that trained, community-based CHWs will better understand the priorities of ZSFG pregnant patients and can help these women identify and meet their own goals for care.