Unsafe and Safe Abortion Practices in Nepal after Legalization

Investigator: Corinne Rocca, PhD, MPH
Sponsor: Society of Family Planning

Location(s): Nepal


The legalization of abortion in Nepal in 2002 was an important step toward reducing pregnancy - related maternal disability and death in the country. The expansion of safe abortion care, however, is not sufficient for improving the health of women. The provision of post -abortion contraceptive counseling and provision is key for reducing repeat unintended pregnancy and abortion. Although Nepal’s safe abortion policy calls for the provision of contraceptive counseling and supplies at the time of abortion, little is known about actual counseling practices or the methods of contraception women receive. Research on women’s experiences with post -abortion contraception is needed to inform efforts to reduce unintended pregnancy rates, as well as to address political concerns that a stagnation in Nepal’s contraceptive prevalence rate over the last decade may be due to the legalization of abortion.