Understanding Women’s Experiences of Social Support During Fistula and Following Fistula Repair in Uganda: A Secondary Qualitative Analysis

Investigator: Emily Hotchkiss, MS

Location(s): Uganda


Background: Female genital fistula is a debilitating injury that affects around two million women worldwide and causes physical and psychological complications such as urinary and/or fecal incontinence and social isolation due to stigma. Previous research has shown that social support can positively influence health status and assist women affected by fistula in emotional healing and reintegration back into their families and communities. This study aimed to understand the role of social support in Ugandan women’s experiences with fistula and its effect on women’s successful recovery and reintegration.

Research Question: Among Ugandan women affected by female genital fistula, what social support have they experienced, and how has social support impacted their recovery and reintegration into society?

Mentor: Dr. Alison El Ayadi