Threshold Cost Effectiveness of the SMART Diaphragm: Reducing Preterm Births in Soweto, South Africa

Investigator: Brianna Rader, MS
Sponsor: Global Health Sciences Education

Location(s): South Africa


The SMART diaphragm is a new mobile health device that could create a new pre-labor clinical window. The diaphragm allows women to self-monitor in a home setting. The new pre-labor clinical window could assist in preventing the 15 million preterm births globally each year. The device detects microscopic breakdown in cervical architecture using impedance and fluorescence measurements and sends the data to the woman’s mobile phone. This early-stage costing study has been completed to analyze how the device could enter a low-income market. This article describes the results of a threshold cost-effectiveness analysis of the SMART diaphragm in South Africa. 

Mentor: Jim Kahn