TGF-ß Suppression and Promotion of Mammary Carcinomas

Investigator: Valerie M. Weaver, PhD
Sponsor: Vanderbilt University

Location(s): United States


Specific Aims:
1) Characterize spontaneous mammary formation in mice expressing both MMTV-DNIIR and MMTV- TGF -α or MMTV -c-neu transgenes providing a model of partial loss of T βRII function;
2) Characterize the developmental phenotype of the mammary gland and mammary tumor formation in association with conditional knock -out of T β RII in mammary epithelial cells by cross breeding floxed Tβ RII mice (Tgfbr2floxE2) with MMTV -Cre mice. This will provide a model of complete loss of T βRII;
3) Determine the effect of decreased function T βRII levels and different TGF -β signaling pathways on growth inhibition and conversion to a fibroblastoid morphology in NmuMG cells and cultures of carcinoma cells from aims 1 and 2